You can find the code of Rhasspy Hermes App on GitHub.

Rhasspy Hermes App is actively seeking contributions. If you want to start developing, have a look at the Contributing page of the Rhasspy project for some general guidelines.

The project’s documentation is generated with:

make docs

This also checks all references in the documentation and the docstrings in the code. The generated documentation can be previewed in docs/build.

Things to work on

If you want to help, have a look at the issues in the issue tracker, especially the following categories:

Before starting significant work, please discuss it first on the issue tracker. If there’s no issue yet about the work you want to start, feel free to open a new issue.

License of contributions

By submitting patches to this project, you agree to allow them to be redistributed under the project’s License according to the normal forms and usages of the open-source community.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have all the necessary rights to contribute to the project.